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2018 Student Bios

Kirk Bowersox I was born and raised just outside of Cleveland, OH. Currently, I live in Arlington five blocks from campus. I have been married for just over four years and have two pit bull mixes, Louie and Lady. I graduated from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) in 2012 with a degree in Business Administration, […]

2017 Student Bios

Hannah Bell hmbell1531@gmail.com Hannah Bell is a native Arkansan and went to the University of Arkansas where she earned her Criminal Justice and Sociology degree. She enjoys hammocking, kayaking, playing with German Shepherds (and all other breeds), along with cooking and attempting to master new culinary skills. She is passionate about criminal justice reform and […]

2017 Student Bios

A note to incoming students

A student has asked for my comments on the books that GMUSL recommends as summer reading. I can’t say I found the list very helpful, No doubt, one’s views on the subject are bound to be idiosyncratic, as I am sure mine are. But here they are: Philip Howard’s The Death of Common Sense is […]