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Preparing for law school

Posted July 12, 2022, 13:07 ET Comments Off on Preparing for law school

In the remaining time before school begins, you might ask what you can do to prepare yourself for classes. My advice: relax. You’re going to get through it fine,* so take the time to settle in to your new digs and enjoy yourself.

A few tips: The only good hamburger chain is Five Guys. (I don’t want to hear about In-N-Out.) And the best Pho is at the Eden Center, about two miles west of the school off Wilson. The Eden Center is an experience in itself, and I prefer the Huong Viet restaurant there. In the Clarendon area I’d suggest the Kabob Bazaar, opposite the metro. And the chicken joint, El Pollo Rico, just across Fairfax from the law school. For Ethiopian, try Meaza on Columbia Pike. For basic Italian, Il radicchio at Clarendon in Rosslyn.

You want suggestions about flicks? I had a deals practice and so I liked Margin Call (2011), about a deal going south. For a film on about entrepreneurship and joint production, look at Moneyball, another 2011 movie. Economists love it because it’s about numbers, but it’s also about things numbers can’t express. You want a lawyer movie? John Ford, Sir William Blackstone and Abraham Lincoln: Young Mr. Lincoln (1939). Doesn’t get better than that.

If you’re from out of town, this is the time to check out the museums on the Mall, before class begins. My personal favorite is the National Gallery, and I prefer the African-American museum over the American History museum. The American Indian museum is stunning from the outside, less so on the inside IMHO. The Air and Space Museum used to be more fun, but they took the best planes and put them in the Udvar-Hazy museum in Chantilly VA.

Last thing, you’re probably curious about how the Socratic Method works, so you might want to watch this:

* Because you’re going to work really hard.


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