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2018 Student Bios

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Kirk Bowersox
I was born and raised just outside of Cleveland, OH. Currently, I live in Arlington five blocks from campus. I have been married for just over four years and have two pit bull mixes, Louie and Lady.

I graduated from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) in 2012 with a degree in Business Administration, specializing in Supply Chain Management. While at Bowling Green I had internships with both Marathon Petroleum Co. and John Deere. I was also a member of the Bowling Green rugby club.

Upon graduation, I moved to and spent the next four years in Baton Rouge, LA with Marathon filling roles in logistics, warehousing, buying and contracting. During this time, I met my Wife and she graduated from LSU Law. We then moved to the DC area in 2016 and I became a contracts specialist at Fannie Mae. In 2017, I began my current role as a contracting officer for the U.S. Government.

Henry Chen
I grew up in Newark, Delaware, and have been gradually making my way south ever since. I am a 2014 graduate of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where I majored in political science. I also hold an M.A. in international economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS in Washington D.C. Ever since graduating, I have worked in the energy regulatory field for both regulated entities as well as the federal government (I am currently a program analyst at the Department of the Interior’s offshore oil regulator). Concurrently, I am also a reserve intelligence officer in the Army National Guard. In my spare time, I enjoy reading historical nonfiction and drinking scotch.

Lillia Damalouji
I am from Southern Maryland and have just graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. While at Maryland, I studied Government and Politics as well as Sustainability Studies. I am currently working for the Department of Defense and am one of the 1E Representatives on the Student Bar Association.

During my time at the University of Maryland, I had the opportunity to serve on the University Senate and have interned in both state and federal government. I am excited to learn more about National Security Law and hope to utilize the experiences I have gained so far to apply to a career as an attorney.

Mike Smiley
I am a project manager for the Department of Defense, working and living in Alexandria, VA. I received a BS in Marketing from DePaul University in Chicago, IL and a MBA from Towson University in Towson, MD. I’m married and have two young sons (five and three).

2017 Student Bios

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Hannah Bell
Hannah Bell is a native Arkansan and went to the University of Arkansas where she earned her Criminal Justice and Sociology degree. She enjoys hammocking, kayaking, playing with German Shepherds (and all other breeds), along with cooking and attempting to master new culinary skills. She is passionate about criminal justice reform and seeks to change the system for a more successful citizenry, particularly post-release. She has worked on multiple local, state, and federal elections and strives to remain informed and involved.

Ashton Copeland
I grew up on a farm outside of Edenton, North Carolina (about an hour south of Hampton Roads, Virginia and an hour west of the Outer Banks). I graduated in May from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I double-majored in Public Relations and History. The two kinds of law that I came into school interested in learning more about- Media Law and Constitutional Law- were heavily influenced by what I studied in my undergraduate majors. I really enjoy learning about the backgrounds of major cases and seeing the more personal stories that are involved in them. I am an avid college basketball fan (Go Heels!) and my favorite place to be is the beach.

Mary Jane Egan
I grew up outside Philadelphia, and attended American University for my BA in Political Science. I worked for three years at a law firm advocating on behalf of disabled Veterans who had been unfairly denied their compensation and pension benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). I then worked for two years at Booz Allen Hamilton as business analyst, in an effort to improve VA’s IT infrastructure and explore new tech capabilities. In my spare time, I train for triathlon and mid-distance running races.

Brain Gubin
I was born in Centreville, VA (about 30 minutes south of the George Mason Law campus) so I’m one of the few non-transplants in the D.C. area. I went to James Madison University where I studied Business with a concentration in Management.
After college I moved to Arlington, VA and began working with the federal government, both as a contractor and as a GS employee. I have spent all my years with the Department of Homeland Security working within Customs and Border Protection. My jobs have been varied and have ranged from IT work (working with hardware/software, managing a computer programming team, etc.) to being a project analyst working with surveillance towers and Border Patrol facilities.
I had been thinking about law school for a long time but didn’t pull the trigger until now. I wanted something that would challenge me intellectually and allow me to be in a field where I could use more critical thinking skills. I enjoy watching/playing sports (Cowboys, Orioles, Roger Federer) and am an avid Seinfeld fan.

Keith Holleran
I graduated from William and Mary in 2016. I was an Economics major in college. I was also a member of the Cross Country and Track and Field team for two years at the school. This past year, I was a paralegal at a local firm in Reston, Virginia. I am not sure what I specifically want to do with a law degree, but am interested in litigation, anti trust law, and securities. I am a big sports fan, and support the Washington Wizards, Nationals, Capitals and the Dallas Cowboys (I know, I’m from DC and like the Cowboys, which annoys everyone).

Emily Kvalheim
I’m an INFJ. I’m from Westerville, OH. I graduated from American University in 2015 with two bachelor’s degrees in Political Science (Race, Gender, and Politics) and International Studies (International Development) with a minor in Spanish. I earned a Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies after graduating from the School of Public Affairs’ Leadership Program. Some of the organizations where I interned during undergrad included the National Coalition for the Homeless, Hogar de Cristo (while studying abroad in Santiago, Chile for a semester), and Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH)’s Columbus office. As a volunteer, I taught English as a Second Language in a Home Depot parking lot to day laborers who were waiting to be picked up for work. I also spent time working with people experiencing homelessness, including living on the streets for a couple of days. After I graduated, I became a Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry as a Deacon in the UMC. I served as a UMC Missionary in Miami, FL for the past 2 years, helping to provide free immigration legal services to low income immigrants, particularly unaccompanied children. I also volunteered in an immigration detention center and at a wildlife refuge. I love baby animals, although one time a macaque monkey tried to punch me in the face. I also love to travel. I’m not very passionate about the law, and I almost did not come to law school because it will preclude me from engaging in civil disobedience (and getting arrested). I feel called to pursue a career in faith-based social justice ministry; my hope is that a law degree will facilitate that calling.

Christopher Lloyd
I am originally from New Jersey but have been living in the Washington D.C. area since graduating from Patrick Henry College in 2014. I am passionate about the intersection of law and economics and am hoping to work as a corporate lawyer – specifically with the financial industry. After graduating from PHC, I worked for a media startup called Conservative Review where I researched legislative history and wrote on current events. I love to be outdoors and enjoy biking around D.C. and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I hope to travel to all 59 national parks and have already crossed 11 off the list so far.

Joshua McKenney
I’m a Virginia local, from the Glen Allen/Henrico area, and I recently turned 24. I graduated May 2016 from Virginia Commonwealth University with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Political Science before taking roughly a year off to enjoy the last bit of my youth and free time prior to law school. My legal interests are (currently) criminal law, military law, and anything within the scope of public interest, but I’m open to and actively exploring other fields that seem worthwhile, such as soft-IP. As for career goals, I’m hoping to work with the JAG program after graduation, but I’ll see where my 2L/3L experiences lead me. Lastly and more personally, while my interests have been somewhat limited by law school time constraints, I enjoy lifting weights, exploring fun new food options, and reading science fiction novels. Having recently read through several of the books in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, I highly recommend it.

Dan Thaler
Dan Thaler is excited to be attending law school close to his hometown of Bethesda, Maryland. He lived his entire life in Bethesda until 2012 when he moved to Columbia, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri (Mizzou). While at Mizzou, he served as brotherhood chair of the pre-law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta, worked as an intern at the Missouri State Treasurer’s office, and eventually earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration- Finance. Upon graduation from Mizzou in 2016, he returned home to Bethesda. With the gap year before law school, he interned part-time at the Washington D.C. office of the Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC law firm and served tables full-time at Founding Farmers in Potomac, Maryland. In addition, he enjoyed his hobbies of golfing and paddle boarding on the Potomac River as frequently as possible. Currently, he resides in Arlington, Virginia where he hopes to begin a successful career as an attorney.

Mattheus Wagner

I am a native of both Fresno, CA, and Truckee, CA (situated in North Lake Tahoe). My childhood was defined in alternating my time between exploring the orchards, rivers, and national parks of the San Joaquin Valley and skiing recklessly down the steep slopes of Squaw Valley and other breathtaking mountains across the world. This Twain-esque boyhood eventually led me to Harvard University. I graduated Harvard in 2016 with an AB in History and Celtic Studies, specifically concentrating in cultural and military history from late Antiquity to the Enlightenment. Inspired by professors who taught the value of Applied History, I developed a passion for high politics, especially geopolitics. My academic mentors encouraged me to pursue a law degree to further sharpen the critical thinking and writing skillset vital to a potential career in national security law and foreign affairs. Before attending Scalia Law, I spent a year in Fresno as a self-employed educational consultant, helping local impoverished high school students to attain their dreams of attending college, many becoming the first in their families to do so.

Kathleen Wills
I graduated from George Mason with my bachelors of science in Neuroscience and have spent several years researching attention, depression, and suicidal thoughts in psychiatric units and research labs. Most recently, I used EEG, fMRI, and MEG technologies for this purpose (measuring the effects of ketamine!) at the National Institutes of Health. I hope to apply this knowledge to the legal profession, potentially with Patent Law!

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2017 Student Bios

A note to incoming students

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A student has asked for my comments on the books that GMUSL recommends as summer reading. I can’t say I found the list very helpful, No doubt, one’s views on the subject are bound to be idiosyncratic, as I am sure mine are. But here they are: Philip Howard’s The Death of Common Sense is still a good read, as is Walter Olson’s The Rule of Lawyers; more recently, there’s Cass Sunstein’s Nudge and Bob Frank’s Darwinian Economics. You might also look at Harvey Silverglate’s Three Felonies a Day and Nick Taleb’s Antifragile (which should have been 2/3 shorter).

Or not.

Please note that the first class in Contracts I is on August 22.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!